Top Tips For Giving Up Smoking*

Something that not many people know about me is that I’m an ex-smoker. It’s been around 6 years now since I gave up, and although I wasn’t smoking for long, I still found it really hard to give up. Of course it hasn’t been easy, and through the past 6 years I might have had the odd sneaky cigarette now and then. I’ve found a couple of things that helped me to give it up, and pretty much remain a ex-smoker.

Get Some Support

When I gave up smoking I was lucky that one of my closest friends was also working on giving up his addiction too. It meant that when either of us was having a bad day, we had someone to talk to who understood what we were going through. It also helped to keep me stick to giving it up! If you don’t have a friend to give up with you, there’s loads of support groups and information online that can help.

Get Moving

Something I found helpful was to keep myself active. Whenever I was craving a cigarette I’d go for a long walk, or to the gym to distract myself from my cravings. My main reason for giving up smoking was for my health, so to also start being a little more active was killing two birds with one stone!


I’m sure everyone who’s ever thought about giving up smoking has considered e-cigarettes. I know not everyone’s a fan of them, but I found my Blucigs really helped me in my time of need. They have a great range of E-cigarettes in a range of sizes to suit whatever you’re looking for and even a very interesting post about that let you compare e-cigarette vs tabacco for cost, convenience, odour and experience.

Keep your hands busy

I found that I tended to smoke more in the evening, so I made sure I kept myself busy with things to do to help distract me. I’d go visit a friend, go to the cinema, played computer games, anything to keep myself busy and my mind off smoking. I’d try to avoid places that might tempt me, such as pubs, as there always seems to be someone smoking outside and I didn’t want to fall off the wagon!

Do you have any tips for giving up smoking? Or have you previously given up smoking and tried any of these?

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