The Sunday Post #27 – A New Addition

There comes a time in your life where you think maybe you’re ready to settle down. Me and Chris have been together for a while now, and now that we’ll be moving into our own home soon we thought now might be the perfect time to have our own little family. But no, I’m not talking about having babies, but getting our own little cat baby! So meet Jeff, our new addition.

The original plan was to wait until we actually moved into our flat before we started looking for a cat, but then we saw this little guy at the cat shelter I sometimes volunteer at, and just fell in love. We were then allowed to reserve him with plans to take him once we moved in, but with still no moving date and a lack of room at the cat shelter, Jeff came home with us early. 

Jeff is a special cat, because Jeff is completely deaf. It’s very common for white cats with blue eyes to be deaf, and because of this he needs to be kept as an indoor pet. This is perfect for us as we’ll be living in a flat, so he wouldn’t be able to come in and out. I’ve never had the experience of having a deaf pet, but it’s amusing us both that he has no idea we’re in a room unless he’s looking at us. He’s constantly jumping and looking happy to see us!

Despite being completely deaf, Jeff seems to be one very happy little cat. His favourite things to do are run around, and to miaow really really really loudly, mostly because he can’t hear how loud he is! He loves to cuddle with us, and I’ve never met a more relaxed cat. 

Jeff is one little happy rescue kitty, and now I can’t wait until we finally get to move into our own place, and live our lives. Just us three. 

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