Latte Glasses From Home Treats UK

While I’m still waiting for a moving date I’ve started picking up a few bits for the flat. We’re saving buying the big furniture bits like sofas and wardrobes until we have a date, but I’ve started picking up small bits, and my favourite things to pick up are for the kitchen. I’ve got a few kitchen bits left over from my uni days, but I realised I don’t have some of the simpliest of things, like mugs or glasses. Chris and I have different ideas of what we’d like to buy, but luckily we both agreed on a few things such as these latte glasses from Home Treats UK*. 

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the occasional latte. I’m thinking of getting a tassimo machine once we’ve moved into the flat so these would be perfect! In the mean time I’m using these with my Chelsea Glass Teapot with infuser from Whittards. The colourful loose leaf teas look so pretty in the plain glass. 

I’ve usually been put off buying latte glasses in the past as I thought they were always huge, but these are the perfect size, and they’ll fit perfect with a tassimo machine! They’re also really easy to clean and you can put them in the dishwasher, which is bonus points for me as I hate washing up! They come as a set of 6, which is perfect for having people guests over once we finally move in! But for now while I still wait for a moving date I’m going to continue drinking tea from them.

*PR Sample

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