#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 2 – TV or Film

I’m now on week 2 of Danni’s Nail Art Weekly Project, and this week the theme is TV or Film. I found this weeks nail art a bit tricky out of all of them as for ages I couldn’t think of what to do. I went through all of my favourite films and TV shows trying to think of a design to do, but most of what I could come up with was over complicated. I then decided on the film Up.

For the blue colour I used Barry M’s Blueberry, and then used my nail art pens to do the clouds and balloons. I decided to keep the design fairly simple and didn’t attempt to do the house or anything, but I think for the balloons and clouds you can see what it was meant to be. I’m not too happy with how my balloons turned out, I think I should have used a bit more colour on those nails. Over all I had good fun with this design, and even got loads of compliments about it! I certainly think it’s an improvement on last weeks nails

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