Planning My Dream Kitchen*

One thing I love about being a homeowner is that I can decorate however I like. If I feel like changing my whole bathroom, or want to put something up on the wall, I can do it. I’m quite glad I haven’t had much experience of renting, but from what experiences I’ve heard from my friends, they’ve had some pretty horrible landlords who pick up on all sorts of marks and scuffs. 

Since we’ve moved into our little flat we haven’t had much of a chance to decorate yet, and we’re saving up a bit of money before we do some of the bigger jobs, like our kitchen. While realistically we probably can’t afford to replace our kitchen for another year or two, that doesn’t stop me from planning exactly what I want.  

My flat has a rather ‘modern’ feel to it, so it would look a bit odd if I suddenly put an old fashioned style kitchen with a larger arger in, so it’s important to keep that in mind when coming up with ideas. One thing I like to keep my kitchen looking modern is to include kitchen spotlights underneath the cupboards. Not only does it help to see, it can show off your fancy new kitchen when your friends come over. 

My current kitchen only has a splashback behind the stove, which yes is handy, but if you have a bit of kitchen disaster, your dinner can end up all over the walls of your kitchen. Not something you want in a new kitchen! For my dream kitchen I’d like a splashback around the whole kitchen, and I really like this cracked glass design from CreoGlass Design. I think it makes it look a bit like ice, and it certainly gives an impact to your kitchen. There’s some other great looking splashbacks on their website, and I think the printed ones would make a very bold statement in a plain kitchen. 

For worktops I’m thinking of keeping it simple, maybe just black and white to make bit of a statement in the room. Looking at the Creoglass Design website they have some anti-scratch worktops, perfect for me as I do a lot of cooking and I’m rather clumsy. At least I can stick my hot pots on it without having to worry! 

So now I have bit more of an idea how I want my dream kitchen, I now just need to raise the funds… How would you design yours?

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