Bingo Extra!*

A while ago now a friend of mine introduced me to bingo. We were looking for a way to do something different when we met up, but would still be rather cheap as we were both on budgets. We usually used to spend hours nursing pints in our local pub, but things were getting a bit samey, when she suggested we had a night out at our local bingo hall.

Before this I always used to think bingo was just for old ladies, and was pretty put off about the whole idea, convincing myself we would be the only young people there. It turns out I was pretty wrong, and in fact there was loads of people there, and not only that, but it was a pretty decent cheap night out.

Since then we’ve had a few more bingo nights out, and it’s always been great fun with a cheap game each, and a couple of drinks. But since my friend had her baby last year these nights out have been fewer and fewer, understandably as she can’t always get a babysitter.

As I missed our bingo nights out I started looking for other options, as I didn’t really want to go to the bingo hall on my own. I then found a new online bingo website,, somewhere where I can play bingo online.

Bingo Extra isn’t any ordinary online bingo site, instead it aims to give you extra for your money, giving you £10 just for registering. Then there’s not only one, not two, but three new player deposit offers.

I’m not too familiar with online bingo sites, as I’ve only ever played at bingo halls, but there’s a fair few options to play on Bingo Extra. With 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, and special 5 line bingo games there’s a lot to choose from. There are also quite a few online slots games, table games, and roulette games if you prefer that to bingo.

I’ve got quite into playing blackjack on the site, mostly because I’m rubbish at everything else other than bingo! At least with counting to 21 I can’t lose too much money. Well I hope anyway…

I’m glad I’ve discovered the Bingo Extra site, it’s given me hours of entertainment! If you’re like me and love bingo, but maybe can’t get out to play it like you want to, I’d certainly recommend it.

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