Coronation Street Tour

Okay confession time, I’m a Coronation Street addict. Without fail I watch it every week, and I often spend my time looking up storyline spoilers. I’m sad I know. I’ve inherited my love of Corrie from my mum, who would always be watching it when I was younger, although it wasn’t until my university days that I started watching it religiously. As me and my mum are such fan girls of the show, it was only natural that we wanted to go visit the Coronation Street tour up in Manchester. So with that for an excuse we booked a girly weekend away with my mum’s friend, and went to visit the set. 


The tour starts with a 50 minute tour inside the backstage areas looking back over the last 50 years of filming on the site. Sadly you’re not allowed to take any photos while on the backstage tour, but you can see some of the sets and iconic props. It was pretty interesting to see how some of the sets had been designed, and how they could transform them on your television to look like inside someones house, rather than inside a studio. There was also a quick film put together of some of the memorable scenes from other the past few years, mum and I were trying to point out which ones we remembered. 

We were also told some interesting facts about the set and soap during the tour. Like how they don’t build upstairs in the sets, so if you see someone go upstairs they’re actually just standing there for the rest of the scene, and everywhere there’s been a fire on Corrie now includes the colour orange on the set!

Of course we couldn’t resist buying a photo of us pulling a pint during the backstage tour!

Once you’ve finished the backstage tour you’re free to roam the cobbles for as long as you like, and of course take as many pictures as you want! It was definitely worth the visit up to Manchester to see, and if likewise you’re a diehard Corrie fan, make sure you make a visit before it closes at the end of the year!

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