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Image courtesy of Lucy 

Last month I was invited to spend an evening on a luxury boat sailing down the thames, with a casino aboard thanks to Ladbrookes. I did something that was quite brave for me, I went to an event on my own, where I didn’t know anyone. It doesn’t sound like much, but for someone who’s completely socially awkward and shy, it felt like a huge deal. In the past I’ve often wimped out of going to events I really wanted to go to, just because I don’t know anyone. I’m not sure why, but just the idea of turning up somewhere alone and not knowing anyone terrifies me.  I usually meet up with a few blogger friends before the event so I have someone to go with, but this time there was no one I knew going so I had to be a big brave girl and go on my ownsome.

 Luckily for me loads of people were tweeting about the event in the run up to it, so I found the lovely Laura and Pippa who helped me to stop being so nervous and met up with me at the event. We also made friends with Kim and Lucy, and the five of us had many giggles throughout the night. 

Photo courtsey of Lucy 

Once we arrived on the boat we were given fake money to spend on the casino tables, and a lot of people seemed to do well and double, or even triple their money, but I lost all mine. Good thing it’s not real money hey! I blame this down to the fact that I’ve only been to a casino once, and all I did was play blackjack, not the fact there was a free bar.

Speaking of the free bar, somehow Pippa convinced the bar staff to give us three bottles of wine. Which led to this…

Photo courtesy of Laura 

Fun fact, I don’t actually like boats, so I’m not particularly sure why I agreed to go to this. But after a few drinks I completely forgot I hated boats, and actually had a great time. It was pretty awesome seeing the sights of London from a boat at night. I spend a lot of time in London but I’ve never done a boat tour, so it was quite the experience. 

I was also really happy the bar had London Pride – my favourite ale! 

Not only was there a casino on board, but there was also a magician, known as magic Pete. I don’t normally like magicians, but this guy was pretty incredible. He did all these amazing tricks which left us all trying to workout how he did them! 

mg src: @petedooreymagic  / @samuelridge

Once the event finished, and so was the wine, we docked back up at Temple and said our goodbyes. I somehow managed to make it home alive, well not without shouting ‘I love you’ to my new friends before getting drunkly on a train home. I had a great night out, made some new friends, and all because I didn’t wimp out of going to an event alone. Something I really should do more of!

Thanks Ladbrookes for a great night out, many laughs, and the chance to meet some new friends. You can see Ladbrookes post about the event here –

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