Your Image 2 Canvas Review

Now that things are starting to move along rather quickly on the moving house front we’re now starting to think about how we’d like to decorate our new home. We’re putting off buying the big bits like sofa’s and dining tables until we’ve got a moving date, but at the moment we’ve been picking up a few small bits and planning where we’d like to put things. I’ve already bought our first matching kettle and toaster, and now we’re starting to think about the decoration of each room, well the whole three rooms we have. As well as arguing with Chris on what shade of grey I’d like to paint each room, we’ve started to think about what we’d like to hang on the walls. Years ago I used to really be into my photography, and I’ve got a few photographs that I really love, but have never done anything with. So I decided to look into getting a few of them turned into canvas’s, and found Your Image 2 Canvas

Your Image 2 Canvas provide high quality canvas prints on each canvas by using cutting edge technology with carefully sourced materials. Often I’ve been afraid to use my photographs for things like this as I’m scared that the quality won’t be as good when it’s printed, but with their high quality promises I wasn’t worried about that. I chose a 20 x 16 inch rectangle canvas with a 1 inch depth, so that it’s big enough on my wall and you can still see the image without it taking over the whole wall.

When my canvas turned up I was really impressed with the quality, especially with the frame. Sometimes canvas’s feel like they are really flimsy and won’t stay up, but my Your Image 2 Canvas feel really sturdy and the image itself looks like it’s been secured properly. I really love my canvas, and I’m certainly going to order a few more for the rest of my new home! Now just to move in to put them up…

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