Well it’s been a few weeks since I wrote a weekly update hasn’t it? In fact the last one was week 11, and suddenly it’s 3 weeks later, oops. So what exciting things have you been up to Lisa? Well I’ve been pretty busy actually, and my weekends have been packed and I’ve rarely had a minute to sit down with my laptop and write any new posts. So let’s catch up on what I’ve been up to shall we? 

March was a busy month for seeing friends. Three weeks ago I mentioned that drove up to Cambridge to meet up with some of the lovely Cambridge girls I’ve met before for lunch. We ended up going to somewhere called Pho, which is a Vietnamese restaurant, and I got to try some yummy new food that I’ve not had before and have a fun afternoon chatting away with some lovely girls. Then the week after I spent another weekend driving around the country, this time to go visit my good friend Sophia, and to meet her adorable new baby girl Willow. I haven’t seen Sophia since she was pregnant, so it was lovely to see her now with child and settling into being a mumma. Plus I got lots of baby cuddles, even if Willow did cry when I held her. 

Then the week after was Easter, and more importantly bank holiday, woo for days off work that I don’t have to take as annual leave. I took an extra day off and spent it with my mum picking up some things for my flat and finally getting some of the decorating finished. Then on Good Friday I went to the Ideal Home Show, which wasn’t as fantastic as I thought it was going to be, followed by a family meal out to celebrate my dad’s masters degree. Then the Saturday night our friends from university came to visit us, and I cooked us all an Indian feast and we drank lots of prosecco and spent the time catching up and discussing Connie and Sam’s wedding plans. Then before I knew it the long weekend was over, and it was back to work. 

After a busy few weeks this week has been rather quietish. Thursday I went to a local blogger event, and then Friday night I had a couple of friends over from work for a few drinks, but then it ended up being just me drinking, so I managed to finish off the best part of two bottles of prosecco, oops. Then yesterday was a rather lazy day, and I went out for dinner with two of my friends to commiserate celebrate that one of them is moving to Canada in a few weeks. Today I’ve been making the most of having a quiet day at home, before I have another busy week ahead of driving up to Sunderland to visit Chris’s family on Tuesday. Hopefully after then things will quieten down! 

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