Treating My Furry Friends

It’s no secret, I love cats. I have four and I treat them like they’re my children. In fact I often carry them around and call them ‘cat babies’, much to their protesting. Because I like to care for my furry friends I thought it would be nice to treat them to a new toy. When they were kittens they always wanted to play, but now their a bit older they’ve lost the interest in playing, and would rather nap instead. They still love the odd catnip toy, or bit of string, but I thought I’d treat them to something extra special. That’s when I found this amazing Hagen Catit Senses Food Maze, and thought it was just what my cats needed!

The food maze works by putting cat treats in the top (I’ve been using Dreamies) and then your kitties have to work out how to get the treats by sticking their paws in and flipping them down the holes until they come out at the end. It’s been great fun trying to get the cats to play with this. For ages they were sniffing around trying to work out how to get the treats, but eventually Branston and Pickle managed to work out how to get their favourite snacks!

Marley however, had other plans and decided he wasn’t playing. It’s been great fun watching the cats try and work this out and have fun with their new toy, and it’s nice to see their still young cats at heart.

It’s not just the cats that got a new toy, I thought Murray might get a little jealous so bought him this. Turns out he couldn’t care less and has decided to ignore it and just play with his old toys, I guess my parrot hates change. Regardless of this (and my terrible pet photography), they all love their new toys and it’s been nice to treat my furry and feathered friends. Feedem have a great supply of pet treats and toys, and I’m already eyeing up a few new extras to get my fur babies.
*Products sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own

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