Weightloss Help

I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I’m on bit of weightloss mission, and I’ve even talked a bit about my journey here. But lately I’ve felt a little demotivated, and because I want to lose so much weight, I’m finding it a very far away goal and a little disheartening. I decided to help to motivate myself I really needed to come up with something visual, so I could actually picture my weightloss. I then started reading about peoples visual techniques and decided to use one for myself.

The idea is to have two jars, one for how many pounds you’ve lost, and another for how many more you want to lose. You then get some glass stones and fill up the jar of how much weight you want to lose, and each glass stone represents a pound. Then as you lose more pounds, you can move them over to the other jar to represent how much you’ve lost. I’m really enjoying coming back from my weigh in every week and moving over some more stones into my weightloss jar, I really love to see how it adds up, and how the lbs to go jar goes down. Its definitely a great way to motivate myself, especially how my weightloss has been a little slow lately.

Do you have any ways that help you to stay motivated to lose weight?

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