How to Keep Your Teeth White after Treatment*

Hygiene Practise

A regular hygiene routine is crucial to keeping your teeth clean and white after treatment. Here is a list of habits that should be in your cleaning regime:

Protect Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth after treatment is key to keeping them as white as possible. You don’t have to be worried or anxious about damage, but it is good to follow a few tips to make sure you are looking after them:

Food to Eat

There are a few types of food that will help strengthen your teeth and work to keep them pearly white. Make sure your diet includes a few of these:

Food to Avoid

Some foods can stain or damage your teeth, so it is worth avoiding these for a few months after treatment:

Drinks to Avoid

The following drinks are known for staining teeth. If you need to get your fix, drink from a straw and brush your teeth as soon as you have consumed them:

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