100 Day Spending Ban Challenge

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Hi I’m Lisahh-Jayne and I spend far too much money on things I don’t need. Last year I attempted to save money and saved a whole £0 leaving myself just as poor as I was last year. This year I’m determined to actually stick to my New Years resolution of saving some money. I’ve tried spending bans before and always managed to either give up or fail, but this year I’m being ambitious and challenging myself to an 100 day spending ban.
My spending ban will start today and will end in 100 days time, on the 18th April. My aim is to stop spending so much money on beauty products that I don’t need or use, and to try to save the money instead. Although it’s a spending ban I have a couple of exceptions.
  • I will still be using my money for travel. I have a car and use it a fair deal of the time, so will be spending my money on petrol.
  • Food. Although I live at home with my parents I like to sometimes buy my own food, or go out for meals. I won’t be stopping this but I will be cutting back on how often I do this.
  • If I run out completely of a product I will repurchase. But only when I’ve completely run out and have no more back up products.
  • Toiletries etc don’t count. If I run out of deodorant I’m going to be buying more.
  • The occasional night out. I enjoy socialising with my friends and having a night out. Like I said with my meals out I won’t be stopping, but I will be cutting back or making a night out cheaper if I can.
Hopefully I’ll manage to stick to my challenge and save up a few pennies along the way. I’ll be writing weekly updates on how I’m getting on and will be honest if I do slip up. If you have any money saving tips or want to join in please let me know! I’d love to have a buddy along the way.
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