White Day – 14th March

We all know about Valentines day, a day where men are meant to treat the women in their lives with gifts and chocolate, but I’ve never heard of an alternative for men. I was then told about an alternative that’s celebrated in Japan – White day. White day is a month after valentines day on March 14th, where you gift the men in your life with chocolate and other gifts. As it’s something that’s commonly celebrated in Japan, and doesn’t really come up in our western calendar, it was something I wanted to get involved with.

I thought it would be something nice to take part in with my other half, as we have a long distance relationship we don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so it was nice to be able to surprise Chris with something when I saw him. I decided to gift him with a piece of clothing, a grey and white striped jumper which stood out to me as something he would wear, I chose this one from New Look, and some Thorntons classic chocolates which I ate. Then the next time Chris came down for the weekend (which was actually after white day) I surprised him with these gifts. I was really pleased that he liked the jumper I picked out for him, especially as I’ve not bought him clothes before!

I think White day was good fun, and I’m pretty sure Chris would agree! Maybe it’ll be something we’ll celebrate again next year. Have you heard of White day before?

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