Reflecting on 2012 & 2013 resolutions

With 2012 coming to an end it’s time to think about the past year and what the upcoming year has for you. And of course write some New Years resolutions. 2012 was a really good year for me.

The saddest part of my year was having to say goodbye to my cat Sparky. Three of my cats died this year, 2 of them were 15 so it was a surprise they were still alive but Sparky was only 11. His liver started failing in October and we had to make the hard decision of having him put down. Sadly it was the day before I came home for a weekend so I never got to say goodbye to him. He meant a lot to me and my family and gave us a lot of laughs with his special needs and how he kept thinking his was a mother to my kittens. It’s been rough without him but I’m glad he was a big part of my life for 10 years.

In July I got my gorgeous kittens. Branston (Black and White) and Pickle (Tortie) have made us so happy since we adopted them from a rescue shelter. They still haven’t grown up and run around the house constantly!

In May I turned 21 and went to Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend. I had the most amazing time and birthday I could have asked for.
I gained some amazing friends.

I got to meet the lovely Bex & Lousie and have become really good friends with them.

So what do I want from 2013?

Graduate with a good degree.
2013 is the year I will finish my degree – scary stuff. I really want to come out overall with a 2:1 which is quite a push for me, but I know if I work hard I can do it.

Get a real job.
With finishing my degree comes the task of finding ‘a real job’. I’ve had my little part time job at McDonald’s for nearly 5 years now and I hate it, so I can’t wait for the day to move on and get a job in the big grown up world.

Carry on loosing weight.
Of course everyone’s new year resolutions always involve loosing some weight. Recently I lost 30lbs but then put some more back on. I am wearing a pair of jeans two sizes smaller than I was this time last year and I want to carry on with my weight loss mission.
Blog, blog, blog.
Sometimes my blog has taken a back seat while I’ve had a busy life. I want to try and organise myself so I can actually blog more frequently.

Save some money.
I suck at saving money, I’m forever being poor. This year I want to spend less and save more, and start getting out of my dreaded student overdraft.
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve had a great year, and 2013 is just as good for you!

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