Guest Post – Hangover Essentials

Today I’ve got a guest post from Georgina over at Georgina Does on her hangover essentials. I’m literally the worst person when it comes to hangovers, so it’s nice to have a few tips!

Let’s face it, as much as we try to avoid it, if you’re going to drink, your going to get a hangover every now and again. Sometimes they are terrible and sometimes they are less terrible but either way, nobody likes feeling ill with a headache all day so here are a few of my tips for when it  happens to me!

Well obvs.  I usually take a big bottle with me on my way to bed when I get in or if I’m at Andrews it will be a couple of small ones (does anyone else keep 500ml bottles of water in their house?! I think it’s so strange but whatevs) I try to drink as much as I can before I fall asleep. When I wake up I don’t have to move and can stay in bed all day without getting thirsty. It’s also good to have on hand when I just can’t handle the headaches any more the nurofen comes out.
Thinking about it, I’m not normally hungover at home, usually after a night out, I go back to Andrews because his house is just so much easier to get back to on a night bus so usually we will grab his big double duvet and bring it downstairs. This was taken the morning after my 19th birthday haha.


This usually means Andrews tracksuit bottoms and one of his tees. I have been known to walk around Tescos and even go to the harvester for dinner dressed like this #NoShame. If I’m at home, then it will always be my onepiece!

Fry Up 
I actually really dislike having a greasy fry up because they make me feel ill but when I am hungover all of that changes. Especially if I am with Andrew – there is a little café less than a minutes’ walk from his from door and I know he is going to order one and sitting there watching him is just going to make me feel worse.

If for some horrible reason, I have get up and go back into London the day after a big night out (Most of the time though, it’s because I just stayed in a hotel so that’s fine) my first stop of the day is straight to boost for a cold smoothie. I love the chocolate ones usually but if I’m hungover, I go for something like a Mango Magic, doesn’t it just sound like it’s going to make you feel great?! I actually came into work hungover today (shh) but after a cold banana buzz, my headache disappeared, I was feeling awake and ready for the day! Boosts are my number one!

Dry Shampoo 
If I have to go out and be productive with a hangover, there is no way I am washing my hair. Especially because at home, I wash it in the sink which involved hanging my head upside down under a tap and I might just throw up. This is where my favourite can of Batiste comes to the rescue. I love all the yummy scents but when it comes to actual practicality, I go for their one for brunettes because it’s brown so I don’t end up with a head full of weird white powder.

What are your Hangover Essentials?

Guest post by Georgina Does – London Lifestyle Blogger  

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