Hello, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? I took a little unexpected blogging break over the past week, mostly because I’ve been so busy I’ve not had a chance to turn my laptop on, let alone write a post. I was pretty busy and even forgot to write last week’s weekly update, but the past week has brought with it some pretty big news. 

Remember last year when I adopted my kitty deaf Jeff? Well it’s been a while now, and we’ve been living together in our flat for a good 7 months now and he’s been settling very well. But there’s been something missing, Jeff has been lonely. He’ll often miaow quite loudly, and loves when he sees other cats outside or when we take him on walks, so we decided we could have another addition to our family, a second cat. Now I prefer to rehome cats from shelters, as I’ve done lots in the past, so rather than buying a new kitten we decided to look out for another kitty that needs a new home. I volunteer at a cat shelter once a month, and when I went last week I was told about a sweet little kitty who’d had a sad time and needed a new home. He was staying in a foster home, so after convincing Chris to come meet him, we went to visit him last weekend.

The kitty in question is a 6 month old white cat named Victor, who as a kitten was abandoned in a cardboard box with his three siblings and mum. One of the kittens sadly died, but the others and his mum were looked after at the shelter until they were all adopted and went off to their forever homes. Poor little Victor got pretty stressed out about the whole thing, and became very ill and stayed in the foster home for a while. He eventually got better, but was a little nervous so no one wanted to give him a home. When Chris and I went to meet him we fell in love, yes he’s a little nervous, but he’s ever so friendly and just wanted a loving home. So we reserved him, and he came home with us yesterday.

Victor is doing really well, although he’s very nervous and wants to spend most of the time hiding under our sofa at the moment. However when he’s come out he’s been loving a cuddle, so I’m sure in time he’ll start to feel a little better and explore the flat a little more.

So that’s been my week, anything exciting happen with yours?

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