The Sunday Post #9 – Being A Technology Addict

Hi my name’s Lisahh-Jayne and I’m a technology addict. I find myself constantly needing pieces of technology just because they’re the latest thing. I find myself constantly upgrading my phone to the latest iPhone that’s just come out, or needing the latest gadget that somehow will make my life easier even though I’ve coped fine without it in the past. The latest addition to my technology hoarding ways is my new iPad mini. Something that I definitely didn’t need, but still found myself buying.

I actually bought the iPad 3 two years ago as “21st birthday present to myself”, and it was still working fine, and I still found myself using it. It didn’t really need upgrading, but somehow I found myself agreeing to a contract with EE to get an iPad mini, and selling my iPad 3 to a friend. Why? Because I needed a smaller, more up to date version of something I already had. Although I do find myself agreeing that my new iPad was an “investment”, and really it is smaller and cuter than my old one. I’ve even bought it a pretty floral case to make it look more girly. I like to think that one day I’ll stop my need for the latest bit of technology, but for now I’m going to sit and play with my new iPad until Apple come out with a new one in a few months time that I’ll then claim I need.

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