Three Mobile Broadband

I live in a really weird house where half of the house has amazing wi-fi signal, and the other half has barely anything. Sadly my bedroom comes into the category of the half of the house that has poor signal. For someone who pretty much lives their life on the internet this can be made quite difficult for me. Thankfully I’ve been able to try out the Three mobile broadband which has been a complete life saver!
This little mi-fi device is the next generation in mobile wi-fi, allows you to connect your phone, laptop, tablet or other device to it, at home or on the go to create your own personal wi-fi spot. I think it’s perfect for people like me, who don’t have the strongest of wi-fi signals at home, or for those who find themselves travelling a lot. It’s really helped me out whether it’s been blogging on my laptop, or checking up on Twitter on my iPhone. At first I wasn’t sure quite how strong the signal would be, as I’d never used a mobile broadband device before, but I was pleasantly surprised. Whenever I was connected to the mi-fi device I had a really strong signal, even was I was streaming videos on my iPad. I even tried this out on a couple of train journey’s and found I still had the same strong signal. I also love how small and compact the mi-fi device is, making it perfect to take with you for travelling. 

I really think this mi-fi device is genius, and thanks to Three for giving me the chance to be able to use wi-fi in my house! 
*Product Sent To Me To Review 

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