Happy Sunday, and happy Mother’s day to all my mumma friends. Today is the first Mother’s Day where I’ve been a mumma myself, to two small furry cat babies. This is also the first Mother’s Day where I haven’t been at home to spend the day with my mum which feels a little unusual, but I’ll be spending the evening with her when she comes over to mine for dinner that I’ll be cooking. Aren’t I a good child?

Mother’s Day is a great time to remember just how much I appreciate my mum. My mum is very special to me, and is one of my closest friends, and even more so over the past 18 months. I wrote last year about why I was thankful for my mum, and if you’re a long term follower of my blog you’ll probably know that in 2014 mum had a pretty big stroke. Life has changed a lot since then, and while mum still hasn’t made a full recovery, we’re pretty much 95% of the way there. Mum can now drive again, has become more independant, and is joining in with things she used to enjoy before the stroke. While it’s been a very up and down journey, mum has never let it get her down, I couldn’t be prouder.

It’s been a good week to be proud of people in my life, not just my mumma. A few years ago at the age of 50 my dad decided he wanted to start a master’s degree. He’d been out of education for 30 odd years, so it was a pretty big thing. He then gave up his weekends to study, and spent most of his time taking over our dining table to work on his essays. While this was going on we’ve had some pretty stressful family times. Of course there was my mumma’s stroke where my dad managed to keep everything together and still turn his essays in on time, along with other problems, but still he’s managed to keep on track with his masters. This week he received his results, and not only passed, but got a commendation. I couldn’t be prouder of him and I’m excited to go watch him graduate in July.

Boyfriend also has done something pretty big this week that’s made me proud, but I have to keep quiet about that until nearer the time. For a week that started off quite badly for me with things at work and so on, it’s nice to see that the week has turned around quite nicely. The weekend again seems to have gone really quickly too, even though I don’t feel like I’ve done much. I went to a clubbercise class on Friday which was pretty hilarious. And I spent most of yesterday cleaning my flat and volunteering at the cat shelter, before going out for dinner with two of my friends. 

I’m going to spend the rest of today relaxing before mumma comes over for dinner. How’s your week been?

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