Giving Up Chocolate

My name’s Lisa, and I’m a sugar addict. And I don’t mean your usual I love chocolate type, I mean I’m completely and utterly unable to function without it. You see for years and years now I’ve been abusing my poor body, having had comfort ate for years, along with having a Mcjob for 5 years which offered you free food, and just not eating properly. It’s no wonder I’m overweight. My love of sugar hasn’t just made me overweight, oh no, it’s caused me a whole load of problems, and the inability to live without it.

Recently I’ve decided to embark on a healthier way of living. Not only am I trying to lose some weight to be healthier, but I want to get on top of all of my food cravings and addictions, so that eating healthy just comes naturally for me. And one thing I want to get started on is giving up chocolate.

Chocolate for me is my biggest vice. When I’m sad I turn to it, when I’m happy I turn to it, if I’m just watching TV in the evening, I turn to it. Of course being on the Slimming World plan chocolate contains syns, which is fine if you stick to your daily allowance. However, I often find I’ll have some chocolate that I know isn’t high in syns, but then I’ll eat about another, and another and another, and quickly it adds up. I have no self control when it comes to chocolate. You know those big value packs of things like chocolate buttons? I’ll often buy them instead of one packet with the intentions to keep the rest of the packets for future occasions. But the sugar addict in me will eat all of the packets in one go, because I just can’t stop at one. It’s taking over my life.

Over the past year I’ve had a lot of health problems, the main one being my mental health. Maybe this is something I’ll go into another day, but long story short, I forgot how to look after myself again. I just completely stopped caring, and I really didn’t care about what I ate. As I’ve started to get better, I’ve started to want to look after me again, and started eating properly and exercising again. Of course I started to feel a bit better again, but I noticed that every time I ate chocolate I felt a bit meh about 20 minutes or so later. No matter how rubbish it would make me feel, I would still crave it and couldn’t concentrate until I ate it. I even noticed that if I ate it around lunch time at work, come the afternoon I would feel sluggish, I couldn’t concentrate and I’d have a horrible brain fog. 

It really doesn’t make me feel good, and my sugar addiction is completely out of control. On my recent healthy eating journey I want to focus on how much sugar I really eat a day, and get back in control of my addiction. So for now I’m giving up chocolate. I’m not sure for how long, maybe only a week, maybe a month, who knows. I just want to start eating better and feeling a lot better, wish me luck! 

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