Top 5 Posts From The Past 5 Years

Today my little part of the internet is five. FIVE. A whole five years of sitting and typing away at my laptop and taking photographs of my makeup, crazy. I never thought that I would still be doing this five years later, or that anyone would still be reading about the mundane details of my little life after all this time. 

After five years I thought I’d take a look back at some of the most popular blog posts from the past five years.

Rimmel London Vintage Pink Lipstick
The most popular and searched for blog post of all time is this one I wrote about trying to find the perfect pink lipstick. 4 years and several tubes later, and it’s still one of my favourite shades. 

The Battle Of The Gradual Tanning Moisturisers
Back when I started my blog (and clearly knew nothing about how important blog photography is, tut tut), I talked about how I wanted to start using fake tan, but was a bit of a wimp so stuck to gradual tanner. I decided to try out two different gradual tanners to find out which one was the best, and gave them both scores, I meant serious business!

Uni Bedroom Tour  
When I was in my last year of university I moved into a house that was a complete mess. We had a broken sofa, I had a broken bed, and most of our rooms were mouldy. However I did make my bedroom really pretty, and looking back on this post has made me all nostalgic. 

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil
I love hair oils, and I’ve reviewed many of them on the blog over the years. One of your favourite posts is the one I wrote about this Tresemme Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil, even though it wasn’t one of my favourites to use. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 
Four years ago I only ever used to use ‘drugstore’ foundations, and didn’t understand why anyone would pay so much for a high end one, and then I went to MAC. I fell in love with this Studio Fix Fluid, and the lovely service I received, and was very quickly converted to this foundation. 

So that’s my top posts from the past five years, do you have any other favourites? 

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