Rimmel London Vintage Pink Lipstick

So a while a go I found myself in Boots swatching away at lipsticks when suddenly one of them caught my eye. It was the perfect deep pinky lavandery shade, without any shimmer or frost. It just stood out to me from all the other lipstick shades on my hand, Rimmel London’s Vintage Pink, I had to have it.

Now the poor student in me started to think, do I REALLY need another lipstick? So I put the lipstick back and carried on with the rest of my day. As I carried on walking around town I kept looking longingly at the back of my hand at the beautiful shade, and so I went back to Boots and bought it. Finally we were together the shade I’ve been searching my whole life for (okay slightly over exaggerating, but you get the point). 
So yes it’s love for me on this lipstick. As it’s from the Rimmel London Moisture Renew range, it glides on so well as well as keeping my lips from feeling dry. It’s also got a slight blue undertone to it, so it keeps your teeth looking white and shiny. I find it also stays on the lips for hours, and since buying this it’s been my lipstick of choice for nights out. I normally go for ‘play it safe’ colours when it comes to lipsticks, and although this one isn’t a very bold or bright colour, it’s unlike any of my others and quite a daring shade for me.  And best part about this lipstick? It only cost me the bargain price of £6.29! I actually don’t think I’ve worn another lipstick since I bought this, certainly a new favourite. 
What’s your favourite lipstick shade?

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