My Everyday Blog Reads

These day’s there’s so many good blogs around, it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’m always looking out on Twitter or through others recommendations for new blogs to read, but there’s several that I find myself visiting on a daily basis. I’ve seen a few people talking about their favourite blog reads and I thought it was time I shared mine.

I’ve read Becky’s blog for years, and I’m a huge fan. She talks about absolutely everything on her blog, and writes some amazing personal posts on subjects like anxiety. She’s also lovely to talk to on Twitter, definitely worth a check out!

I think Hayley’s blog was the first one I ever came across, and boy am I glad I did. Hayley knows everything when it comes to beauty products, and is somewhat of a blogging guru. I can’t go a day without reading through her blog.

Lovely Jubbly Blog
I’ve been reading Jess’s blog constantly for over three years now, and it still keeps me interested to look back on everyday. Her reviews are honest and thorough, and she’s got some great gift guides up at the moment!

Since discovering Caroline Hirons blog I’ve learnt so much about skincare, this woman knows everything! She’s also made some great skincare cheat sheets so if there’s ever anything you need to know, she’s covered it.

Sandra’s blog is just beautiful, she takes the most amazing photos that make me want to learn to use my DSLR a lot better. Not only that but she writes some amazing reviews, and does some amazing looking makeup looks.

The Sunday Girl

Adrienne’s blog is where I go to if I’m looking for a particular review, she seems to have reviewed absolutely everything! She also has some amazing MAC lipstick swatches, it’s definitely one to check out.

Beauty Queen UK
Since discovering Rachel’s blog I can’t stop reading it. Her reviews are great, and she’s influenced a lot of my beauty purchases. She writes amazing blog posts pretty much daily, always has time to natter away to me on Twitter, and has some adorable cats that she posts photos of on her Instagram.

Miss Budget Beauty
I’ve been watching Mikhila on YouTube for years, and I’m completely addicted to her vlogs lately, but I also adore her blog. Just like her YouTube it’s full of personality and honest reviews, with new posts going up daily.

Make-Up Pixi3
I love Georgina’s photography on her blog, she always has such clear sharp images! Her blog is full of everything you need to know about make up, as well as some great SEO advice.

Tattooed Tealady
Sophia’s blog has been constantly bookmarked in my Bloglovin’ feed since I’ve found it. She uses some amazing photography, and has brilliant make up related posts, as well as home and some tasty recipes!

These are the top blogs I check out on a daily basis without fail, what blogs do you find you check out daily?

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