Treating Mum This Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a special day to treat your mums and to show them how special they are. I always like to show my mum how much she’s appreciated, but this year is extra special, 5 months ago mum had her stroke, and we’re all amazed with her progress. After giving us all such a horrible fright at the time it’s made us appreciate mum even more, so this Mothers Day I decided to treat her to more than her usual card and chocolates.

Of course Mothers Day isn’t complete without presents! Mum always appreciates a nice box of chocolates, and Hotel Chocolat always have some lovely selections, so I picked up one of their ‘For My Mum’ boxes. Hotel Chocolat has some of mum’s favourites, and mine, so I’m hoping mum might share a few with me! Everyone always likes to receive nice smellies, so I picked up a set from Sanctuary made up of a shower gel, body lotion and body scrub, they all smell amazing. I like to get mum a few girly bits too, and this Bonmarche scarf and floral print umbrella stood out to me as they looked really cute. Plus mum loves pink, so you can’t go wrong with pink accessories!

In the past year mum’s lost a lot of weight. She’s looking fabulous and has a whole new form of confidence with how she looks. As she’s looking amazing I thought it would be nice to treat her to a new dress, and picked this one from Bonmarche. Mum loves maxi dresses, especially for when she goes on her holidays, so I thought this one would be perfect. Usually mum wears more colourful clothes, but the tribal print panel really breaks up the black and gives a lovely silhouette look. My mums a bit on the short side at 5ft so usually maxi dresses are far too long for her and she has to take them up, but this one fit’s her perfectly, and the empire line sits in the right place. Although if it was on someone slightly taller it might not fit how it’s supposed to. Mums really pleased with her new dress, and I’m really pleased that she likes it, we just need the summer to come around so she can wear it all the time!
Now when I take mum out for her Mothers Day dinner she’s got an excuse to wear her new dress. How are you treating your mum this Mothers Day?
*Products sent to me to review, but all views are my own

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