Current Everyday Makeup Favourites

I can be a bit boring with my makeup choices, especially during the week while I’m at work and would rather have 5 minutes extra in bed. I try to change up my makeup routine now and then, but find I go back to the same products again and again. Currently I’ve been being a bit more adventurous with my makeup, mostly because I’ve been venturing into the world of wearing eyeshadow and lipsticks on a daily basis, which is quite a big step for me! 

I’ve been using my new favourite foundation, Dior Star. It fits so perfectly against my skin tone, whilst leaves me with a radiant dewy glow. I love it as it lasts all day, and I’m really lazy at reapplying my makeup throughout the day. After applying Dior Star I like to follow up with the Dior Star Concealor, which is amazing at hiding my dark circles and blemishes. Although I’ve been experimenting with eyeshadow, I’m still playing it safe in terms of colours. I’ve been using my Bare Minerals Ready The Truth Quad because it’s full of neutral brown shades, perfect if you’re playing it safe with your eyeshadow choices. It’s been a while since I’ve used Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, but recently I’ve refound my love for it. It works wonders, giving me thick long looking lashes. For my cheeks I’ve been using The Body Shops Shimmer Waves, as it works well to give me a natural glow, and works perfectly with my Dior Star foundation. Then to finish off my makeup I’ve been using my Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick, as it’s a gorgeous matte red shade, and well, you can’t go wrong with a nice red lipstick.

Although I’m using the same makeup products everyday, I really like how this looks. It’s not too much for everyday at work, and it’s fairly low maintenance, although I do need to make sure I reapply my lipstick! 

What makeup products do you find you use on a daily basis?

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