How Not To Work With PR’s

A popular blogging topic is how to work with PR’s, what they’re looking for in bloggers, and how to form relationships. Relationships with PR’s are a huge part of blogging, and it can work in each parties favour. I always see bloggers, and particularly new bloggers, asking for advice on working with PR’s, and often how they can get products sent to them. A large part of my job involves blogger outreach, and I really enjoy working with bloggers, and I like to think I’ve formed some great relationships with some, and likewise with my blog. However, it feels like some bloggers aren’t invested in forming relationships with PR’s, and a lot of people seem to be blogging for completely the wrong reasons. Now I’ve been working in the PR world for a while, I thought I’d share a few of my tips for how to not work with PR’s…


  • Don’t Be Rude. Every now and then you might get an email about a campaign that isn’t suited for you, or really doesn’t appeal to you, and that’s fine, you don’t have to like everything that gets sent your way. But really you shouldn’t take this out on the PR. I’ve had emails back to me being horribly rude, and would you really act like that if you spoke to someone for the first time in person? Just because you’re behind a computer screen it shouldn’t be any different. I like to think that if you’re nice to people, they’ll be nice back, but sadly this isn’t always the case in the internet world.
  • Don’t Pass On PR’s Details Without Permission. The amount of emails we get from people saying ‘I’ve seen you’ve sent XXX this to review, I’d like to review it too’, where obviously the blogger who received the original item has passed on our email addresses. Not cool. By all means ask the PR if they are looking to work with any other bloggers, and if you have their permission share it with others.
  • Don’t Expect Something For Nothing. Please please please don’t say you’re interested in reviewing a product, but be really unhappy with linking back to where it comes from. PR’s understand that receiving a product is great, but please make it worth our time and give our clients exposure. Which brings me to my next point..
  • If You Agree To Blog About Something, Blog About it. Sadly it’s becoming a common thing to send a blogger a product for a review, for them to never blog about it and then ignore your emails. If you don’t have the time to take on anymore reviews, then don’t. And if there’s a reason why you can’t get your post out as quickly as the PR would like, let them know.
  • Updates Are Nice. I love when working with bloggers when they email me little updates like the products turned up fine, they’re enjoying using it, when their posts going live etc. Not only is it great, but it makes my job a whole lot easier!

I think a lot of the bad experiences myself and other PR’s is the exception rather than the rule, but if you’re a blogger please be nice to PR’s (and people in general really!), we are still people with feelings, just trying to do a job.

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