A Couple Of Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

Hi girlies!
Sorry its been a while since I’ve been appearing on the blogging front, but I’ve had bit of a mad week! As its been a bit of a mad week, I thought I’d share with you whats made me really happy this past week.
1 – Proud Sibling Moment
Yes this week I was a very very proud sibling. On Thursday my brother got his A level results and found out that he’s going to university! He got into his second choice at Keele to do Physics – smart boy! Its such a strange feeling that my baby brother (he’s 2 years younger) will be leaving home and go off to uni! I love this photo of us, back in October 2009 while we visited New York (best place ever!) for a couple of days before our Dad went to work there for a week (lucky man). I have this in a photo frame in my room, which my bro gave me when I went to uni.
2 – Flowers From My Boy!
I came home one day this week to find these gorgeous flowers sat in my porch waiting for me! A wonderful surprise from my boyfriend, completely out of the blue for no reason! And who says romance is dead? We haven’t seen each other for a few weeks now, but hopefully soon we will! Their starting to wilt a little which is a bummer, but their sat on my desk brightening my day. And as I know he’ll read this – Thanks Chris! <3
3 – New Stationary
Yes I’m a geek, I get very very excited at the thought of new stationary. This year I abused Tesco’s back to school stationary and I’ve now stocked up for my second year at uni. I think it’ll be a very sad day when I’m no longer a student and can purchase back to school stationary…
Katoot@ Korean stationery Vintage Floral hard cover notebook
4- Nights Out With My Friends, O And The Geordie Shore Boys!
On Thursday I had a night out with my dear friend Michael, and we were overly excited that two of the boys from Geordie Shore were going to be there! We love the show just a little too much, and as my boyfriend is a Geordie I find it hilarious to watch (although he’s not actually like them on the show..). We were lucky enough to get to meet them and have our photo taken – very happy moment in our lives. It was a brilliant night out, although I drank far too many Jager Bombs, resulting in being very very hungover Friday.
I hope you all had a good week!

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