My Candle Collection

In the past six months or so I’ve grown quite an obsession with scented candles. One of my favourite things to do of an evening is burn a nice smelling candle and sit in my room watching TV or reading through blogs – sad I know. I’ve now grown quite a collection of candles and instead of blogging about each separate candle, I thought I’d stick up a post about my whole collection.

From left to right – Yankee Candle Beach Walk, Yankee Candle Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, Jelly Belly Candle Bubblegum, Jelly Belly Candle Toasted Marshmallow, Jelly Belly Candle Tutti-Frutti, Jelly Belly Candle Watermelon.
I’d love to have a large collection of Yankee Candles like I’ve seen on other blogs, but honestly I can’t afford them. Although the two I do have I love. I have the small version of Beach Walk as I wasn’t originally sure on the scent, but I’ve found after burning it for a while it gives off this lovely fresh smell. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon is definitely my favourite candle, it just smells like baking, it’s such a yummy scent – although if you burn it for too long it can make you hungry! I recently found out about Jelly Belly candles and since then I’ve grown quite an obsession with them. I used to have the small version of Bubblegum but I loved it so much I quickly burnt it out. When it came to repurchasing it I decided to buy the large jar version which has lasted me a lot longer! It’s a gorgeous girly smell, and I often burn it while I’m having a Lush bath. Toasted Marshmallow is another Jelly Belly favourite that I think I’ll be repurchasing in a large jar version. It’s a sweet sickly scent but I absolutely love it. Tutti-Frutti is one of those candles I’m never sure about. It’s not got as much as a scent than the others, and I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one once it burns out. Watermelon is probably my least burnt candle, although I love the scent, I find if you burn it for quite a long time the smell can be very overwhelming, and it’s not as much of a sweet scent as my other candles.

What Are Your Favourite Candles? 

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