Christmas Candles

This Christmas I’m really into burning festive smelling candles. In fact, I sat burning a few, watching Christmas films whilst I did all my Christmas wrapping. I’ve always been a bit of a scented candle addict, but there’s a few that I’ve found very fitting for this time of year. As I have a few favorites this year I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.
Yankee Candle Merry Marshmallow

First up is The Body Shops Ginger Sparkle Home Fragrance Oil. Although it’s not so much a candle, it’s a Christmas scent. This year I’m in love with The Body Shop’s Ginger Sparkle range, and I’ve actually hinted to the boyfriend a few times about the gift set! I’ve been burning this in my oil burner a few times and it’s just filled my room with a gorgeous Christmas scent. Another food related scent is Yankee Candle’s Salted Caramel. This isn’t really a ‘Christmas Scent’ but it’s the type of candle I enjoy burning at Christmas time as it’s really sweet. I do find that I can only burn this for a short amount of time as it’s a rather powerful scent and can become quite over powering.
Yankee Candle Salted Caramel

One of this years favourites is Yankee Candles Merry Marshmallow*. This is one of those ‘cleaner sweeter’ scents that I really seem to love when it comes to candles. This is the type of candle that I’ll burn for hours as it makes my room smell sweet and girly. Another one of those types of candles is Christmas Cookie*. I originally fell in love with this last year and bought myself the huge version of it, but of course completely used up as the scent is just gorgeous. And because one Gingerbread scented candle wasn’t enough I have this Gingerbread Cookie one. This candle is probably the prettiest as it has bits of colored gems and glitter in and smells so yummy!

Do you find any favorite scented Christmas candles?

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