This week has been a rather busy week, as you may have gathered from the lack of posts between last weeks update and this one. I started the week out still recovering from the worst cold ever and trying to get back into my gym routine, but by the end of the week I admitted defeat and chose to spend my evenings on my sofa playing Beyond Two Souls for the 100th time. Work has been very busy in the past week too, and I swear there’s not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. My week was spent writing what felt like 100’s of reports and attending client meetings, so to come home and slob out with my Playstation rather than write blog posts was very welcoming. 

Not only has my week been busy, but I also had a pretty busy Saturday for a change. For Christmas my parents got me and Chris tickets to see Kinky Boots, so yesterday we went headed into London to see the show. I’ve been wanting to see this for years since I found out it was on in New York, and I was so very jealous when my parents went to go see it last year. So at Christmas my parents surprised us with these tickets after my mum made up an elaborate lie about planning a surprise day out for my dad’s birthday in London that he knew nothing about, when really he was in on the lie too. The show was absolutely amazing, and full of wonderful cheesy songs and glittery costumes, what more could you want in a show? Definitely worth going to see if you haven’t seen it already!

After the show we met my parents at The Port House which was just two doors down, for some amazing tapas. I originally planned on taking loads of photos of my food to show off on the blog, but it was so good I ate it before I could. I also had the most amazing gin and tonic there, full of strawberries and peppercorns, it’s worth visiting just for the gin. 

My plans for the rest of the weekend are rather chilled out, considering I’m writing this at 12pm still in my pajamas. It’s my other halves birthday today and he’s requested we spend the day doing nothing, so nothing we shall do. Apart from a trip to Pizza Express later, you can’t have a birthday without pizza. How’s your week been?

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