Bad Valentines Date’s

So today is Valentines Day, or as others like to call it, Single Awareness day. Although I’ve spent the past couple of years in a relationship on Valentines Day, me and my partner have never made a big deal out of it. I’ve never been one for flowers, chocolates and all things heart shaped on V day, but I have had a few bad dates on the day in the past.

Once upon a time I had a first date with a guy I met in a local night club. The night I met him we seemed to get on great, and he was a laugh. So naturally I expected that our date would be fun, full of laughs and we’d have a good time, but no. He spent the majority of the date sat in silence, and gave me two word answers to any conversation I tried to start. He then awkwardly asked me if I wanted to see him again, uh no? Then there was the date where he came on overly strong, bringing me flowers to the date, and then talking about taking me to London for our next date and meeting his mum, and then sending me almost hourly texts after to ask me how my day was going, calm down.

Of course I’m not the only person who’s suffered with a case of bad dates, and I’ve found a lot of people share them with the internet. One of my favourite places to read up on bad dates is over at Awful Bad Dates, who writes frequent short updates on awful dates that are constantly making me chuckle. I also love playing around with apps or websites that can speculate how your dates will go, and Ladbrokes Bingo has created a Valentine’s app to help you avoid a terrible date. Although it does say that my own boyfriend is an awful match for me..

So whether you’ve got Valentines Day plans or not hope you have a good day! And if you have any stories about bad dates please share ;).

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