The Sunday Post #7 – Sample Sunday

Over the years I’ve found I’ve accumulated a whole pile of samples. Some are from past beauty boxes, some are from events, and some just seem to turn up from no where. I’m always excited to get a good sample, but often they just end up in my ‘sample box’ and I forget all about them. Lately I rediscovered my sample box when I was trying to find something else and decided to take a look through.

I found I had so many unused samples of things I completely forgot about. They range from face masks, to shampoos, perfumes, foundation samples, and even some gold under-eye masks. So this Sunday I decided to dedicate to going through my sample box, and have bit of a pamper session with them. I started with using a shampoo sample and then putting a hair treatment sample on and leaving it in, and while that’s on I used one of my facemask samples. I also found I had a couple of moisturiser samples that came in handy, and tomorrow I’ll be trying out one of my foundation samples. I even popped one of my perfume samples in my handbag to take to work with me for a few weeks. I feel a bit better now I’m starting to use up some of my sample stash, and I might even make this a regular Sunday thing. That way I can keep on top of my samples, and will even know what I have!

Do you have bit of a sample stash? How do you use them all up?

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