LUSH Lemony Flutter

I picked this up last weekend from LUSH after reading several reviews on it. Recently I’ve been abusing my poor nails, and my cuticles are paying the price for it. My cuticles were dry and horrible, as I hadn’t looked after them in months. Well after reading a few reviews I thought I’d give this a go myself.



LUSH describe this product as “Repairs your dry cuticles – but don’t stop there! Flutter some butter over your heels, elbows and toes too”. But so far I’ve only been using this on my cuticles, I’ve been pretty impressed with it so I might try it out on my other dry areas!

Although I’ve only been using this a week, I’m already very impressed and can see a drastic difference to my cuticles. My poor neglected cuticles felt a dramatic difference to them straight away after using this product, feeling softer straight away. As soon as I opened the pot, the most amazing lemony scent came out, its quite a strong scent but gosh is it amazing. What I love about the scent is that it lasts, hours after applying this I can still smell it on my hands. Its also not too much of a greasy product, I’ve used other cuticle butters before, and found them very greasy making my hands feel horrible after applying. Even though it is still slightly greasy you only really need to use the smallest amount on your cuticles. I love how long this product lasts, I’ve easily been using this for up to 3/4 times a day in the last week and the product still looks like it hasn’t been touched. I’m pretty impressed as I spent £5.95 for 50g, which I thought was quite a lot at the time as the pot looked rather small, but it looks like I’ll be using this for months! 

Just look at how its changed my cuticles. In just a week I’ve gone from dry, ragged cuticles to soft and moisturised cuticles that my nails can be proud of!


So would I buy this again? Certainly! I’ve never used such a good cuticle butter! If you want to help out your dry neglected cuticles, I urge you to try this out!
Have you used this product before?

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