The Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream

I never really caught on to the BB Cream hype when it first came around. I was a high coverage foundation type of girl. I ended up trying a sample of the Garnier one everyone raved about, but found there wasn’t enough coverage for me and didn’t like how my skin looked.  I also found it look a bit ‘greasy’ on my skin.  I was then sworn off BB creams, deciding that they just weren’t right for my skin. These days I’ve learnt a lot more about skin care, and I’ve got a proper skin care routine, which has definitely seen an improvement in my skin. Now I’m feeling a bit more confident about my skin, I decided to try out a BB cream again.

The Body Shop Vitamin E has always been a favourite of mine so when I saw that they were doing a BB cream I knew I had to have it. I never really understood BB creams, to me they always seemed like a tinted moisturiser. It’s only when I was in The Body Shop and got a chance to try out a tester of this BB cream that I discovered how well the coverage actually was. It gives my skin the right sort of coverage, without being too thick to clog up my skin.

As I’m currently unemployed I’ve been using this most days as I’m not leaving the house so much, but I don’t feel confident enough to be make up free. It works well for me coverage wise, but I can see why some people don’t like it in comparison to foundations. If you’re not confident with how your skin looks, then this probably isn’t for you.

I’m glad I got around to trying out another BB cream and didn’t let my past BB cream experiences put me off. I’ve been using this religiously for a while now, and who knows, maybe next I’ll venture into the world of CC creams…

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