For the past couple of years I’ve heard great things about Moroccanoil. My hairdresser would rave about it, I’d see other bloggers and YouTubers rave about it, but I was yet to try it. For a long time I didn’t understand how using oil cold help my hair. Surely it would make it manky and greasy, not good and healthy? It wasn’t until I started using my V05 miracle concentrate that I finally started to understand how oil is good for you and how it can help to repair hair. I then was desperate to try out Moroccainoil, but I wasn’t sure I could justify the price. It wasn’t until I saw a deal on Buyapowa that I decided to finally give it a go.

Now my hair is never in the best of states, I’m always dying it, straightening it, and generally abusing it, so I’m forever looking for new hair products that can help out my hair. My V05 was still working wonders for my hair, but I wondered if there was much of a difference between that and Moroccanoil. I find the consistency of Moroccanoil is quite thick and greasy feeling, but when I put it in my hair it just makes it feel smooth, and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Since using this I’ve seen a great improvement to the condition of my hair. It doesn’t feel as dry, it feels healthier, and it looks shinier. But is it worth the £29.95 price tag? I’d say so. Yes there are other hair oils that work wonders, this is the best one I’ve tried. That and it’s lasted me forever when I’ve been using it pretty much everyday for the last 3 months. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who’s after a good hair oil.

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