The Sunday Post #18 – Christmas Crafts

You’ll have probably notice on the blog this week I’ve mentioned Christmas quite a lot. I’ve been getting my Christmas presents organised, and I’m resisting the urge to beg my mum to put the tree up so I can put them underneath it yet. This year I’ve decided I want to try and be a bit more crafty with some of my Christmas presents, and I even thought about trying to make my own Christmas cards.

I’ve never really had much success at making my own cards before, and I don’t really have any papercraft bits, so when I found these card making kits from Hobbycraft I thought I had to give it a go. The kits make it look so easy, and come complete with everything you need to make your own Christmas cards. So the other evening I decided to have a glass of mulled wine and sit down and try my best not to mess up making some Christmas cards. Apart from nearly sticking my fingers together with glue, I managed to make my cards without any real problems! These were actually really fun to make, and now I want to make cards for every occasion.

So this year everyone I know will probably be getting a slightly wonky, handmade Christmas card! I’m feeling even more in the Christmas spirit now, and it’s not long until Christmas!

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