How To Be A Successful Blogger

My non blogging friends are always interested to hear more about my blog. They frequently ask questions like; How did it get popular? Why do people send you things? How do you get invited to events? It’s all very fascinating to them, especially when you think how simple blogging really is, just writing things on the internet and hope that someone will read them. When I first started my blog nearly 4 years ago I never thought anyone would read it, or that I’d manage to keep it up for this long. I don’t consider myself to be a ‘successful’ blogger, but I suppose when you consider I’m still here 4 years later and this is still being read, I guess that’s kind of successful. I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks in my time of blogging, and I thought I’d share a few. 


Getting Yourself Known With PR’s – When it comes to PR’s and getting noticed by them it can be a tricky thing. I think I’d been blogging for about 2 years before I was first sent something and the whole concept seemed strange to me. Now I might get a couple of PR emails a week, as well as replying to a few opportunities I see on Twitter. There’s a few SEO agencies I’ve worked with time and time again, and likewise at my SEO job we have a list of ‘trusted’ bloggers we’ve formed relationships with and like to continue to work with. It can be tricky to form a relationship with PR’s when you haven’t worked with them before, but if you see companies or individuals on Twitter talking about opportunities frequently why not start conversations with them? Don’t just reply to their blogger request tweets, but their other tweets, and engage in conversation with them. 

Being Sent Products To Review – More companies are aware of bloggers these days, so it seems there are more opportunities about than there were a few years ago. I always see newbie bloggers asking at what point will PR’s work with them, and to be honest they usually want to work with established bloggers. Now that PR ratings are dead, usually companies go for bloggers with a domain authority of 20 or higher, and unfortunately that’s typically how it is. Companies aren’t really going to want to send their clients products to a blog with a DA of 1, it doesn’t really help anything.

Being Invited To Events – Typically events are put on by the brands themselves, and usually they find more ‘successful’ bloggers (i.e. ones that are seen as influential) to come along to their events. I’ve only been to a handful of events myself, mostly because I no longer work in London, and typically they seem to be in an evening on a weekday and it’s bit of a faff for me to get there in time after work. Once you’re at an event you want to make the most of it, talk with other bloggers, talk with the event organisers, and generally have a good time. There’s some amazing events around that bloggers get to go to, from cooking classes to London Fashion Week, and of course you really want to make the most of London Fashion Week

Hopefully these tips have been some what useful, and will help you to become a successful blogger!
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