My Room

I don’t mean this to sound creepy, but I love looking in other peoples rooms. I’m interested to see how other people decorate their rooms, or use storage etc. Especially at uni where were giving a small plain box room, I like seeing how others make their room seem like home.

I moved back home a couple of weeks ago, and my room didn’t feel like mine anymore. Since starting uni my mum had changed my room around (although I’m not complaining too much she gave me a double bed!),  and it didn’t feel like mine anymore. So I’ve been trying to make it feel more like my room again as I’m back home for 3 months! Its been a little difficult as a lot of my stuff is still up in Leicester, but here’s my room:

I had my room painted 6 years ago when I was 14, three purple walls and one red statement wall. I have my new double bed against the red statement wall, with a collection of pictures of New York above my bed, and some glow in the dark stars (I’m a kid at heart!). Hanging down the left side of my bed is a chain of hearts, and down the right hand side is “Lisahh”, my mum bought me these as a gift when I went to uni. I also have two photos of me and my boyfriend, and one of me and my two flat mates next to my bed.

On the chest of drawers next to my bed I keep my hair products, moisturiser, perfume etc. You can also see a closer look at two of my photos, and my ‘flowers’ and ‘love’ I bought for when I went to uni. I also have my Hello Kitty mood light that my flat mate Becca bought me for my birthday.

At the end of my bed I have my old dolls house I used to use when I was a child, On top of it I have my TV, but I use it as storage at the end of my bed. Here I keep my jewelery, my nail varnish, and uni folders and other uni work. O and a Hello Kitty tin!  

Next to my bedroom door I have my bookcase, with some books and DVD’s in. But also on top of it I’ve put several photos up, one of me and my brother in New York, One of me and my friend Michael, One of me and my friends Helen and Cate at Reading festival last year, One of me and Chris, and one of me, Cate, Helen and Michael. I’ve also got a couple of trinkets around. Above my bookcase is a notice board where I’ve put up a couple of cinema tickets, and other keepsafes, along with my “Who the F**K are Leicester Uni” top, which I got on a bar crawl at uni, as a DMU student I’m told to hate them! Its also the night I met my boyfriend, so i guess it has a bit of a sentimental value. You can also see a bit of Hello Kitty Bunting which was left over from my birthday, I’ve hung it up in my room. I’m a little obsessed with Hello Kitty…

Next to my bookcase I have a large inbuilt wardrobe, made up of three sections, two of which are full up of clothes and shoes. In the other section I keep my make up, I have a stack of drawers in which I keep it in. I don’t have a great deal so there’s not really a need for a large storage area for it.

Above my desk I have another notice board, which I’ve filled up with photos from the last year, friends at home, friends at uni and a couple more of my boyfriend. I also have a hanger, which I use to keep my bags on (that’s not all my bags, I haven’t unpacked the rest from uni yet!), and a birthday hat.
And finally my desk, where I blog for all you lovely’s to read. There’s another view of my noticeboard, its also where I keep my laptop, Ipod dock, and a large stack of magazines! There’s also a large bin bag of cushions I haven’t had the chance to unpack yet!
I find it hard to settle back into home due to moving to and from uni all the time, which is the main reason for all the photo’s in my room! I’ve been home from uni nearly 4 weeks now, so the pictures of my flat mates and other friends at uni are a kind of comfort for when I miss them. I’m also about 200 miles away from my boyfriend now and I don’t get to see him so much, so the photo’s also comfort that too. 
I think I’ve finally made my room feel like my room again after moving to uni!
 Do any of you other blogging lovely’s go to uni and find you feel the same way about coming home?

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my room!

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