Non-Alcoholic 0 Pro Point Pimms

I’m a huge lover of Pimms. Come sunny days there’s nothing more I want than to sit out in the garden with a large chilled glass of the stuff. However now I’m on Weight Watchers I’m more conscious of how many pro points things have, and alcohol especially is awful for pro points. Recently my mum’s friend shared with a her a recipe for non-alcoholic, 0 pro point Pimms – yes really!

All you need is some diet lemonade, balsamic vinegar, cucumber, and some fruit. Then basically for every litre of diet lemonade you put in your jug you need to put in a capful of balsamic vinegar. Then when you add your cucumber and fruit make sure you put in extra cucumber, which then takes away the acidyness of the vinegar leaving you with a delicious pimms tasting drink! When my mum first told me about this recipe I was a little suspicious, but it really does taste like Pimms, just without the calorie content!

I think this is going to be a favourite drink in my household this summer!

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