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I’m one of those annoying people who always has their phone with them and has to check it every five minutes. Why? Who knows. Maybe I’m worried someone might need to urgently contact me, or I might miss a really hilarious tweet someone’s done if I don’t refresh my feed 400 times. I used to always have really bad luck with phones, and by bad luck, I mean I’m horribly clumsy. My first ever iPhone had an unfortunate accident when it was dropped on the floor resulting in a bad cracked screen. So since then I’ve always made sure my phone has a phone case in the hope of protecting it a little more. 

Recently I was contacted by GoCustomized to see if I would like to review one of their phone cases. They are a Dutch company who offer personalised phone cases for a variety of different phones and tablets. Using a design module you can create a design using one of your favourite images, patterns, or pre-made designs and text which will then be printed straight onto your chosen phone or tablet case.

After playing around with the designs for a while, I decided to use my favourite photo of my kitty Jeff. While I love personalised stuff, when it comes to personalising my own I really struggle to coming up with ideas so I usually panic and use a photo of my cat, I mean look at him, he’s rather adorable.

It was really easy to make your own phone case, you just upload the phone you wanted to use, and then you could play around with the design and voila! You could also zoom in and crop the image you wanted to use, and pick the outside colour of the case, and for mine and decided to chose black as I thought it went quite well with the image I wanted to use. Once I’d created my design, it was easy to order it and the case arrived within a matter of days which is a great turnaround time! Sure the case itself looks pretty, but does it do the job I need it to do? Well I’ve not broken my phone yet, which is probably a new personal best for me. I find this case fits my phone perfectly, and it’s easy to remove if needed.  
Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of this phone case, as well as the service from GoCustomized, and I’d definitely use them again in the future. I think it would also make a great gift for friends and family, so I might be making a couple of these at Christmas time!

*PR sample

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