I Turned 21!

So if you weren’t aware, I turned the grand age of 21 on the 14th May (at 5.11am if we’re going to be exact…). My birthday sort of spread out over many days this year, with the Saturday before (12th) having a night out with the uni friends, and a surprise visit from my best friend at home who told me he couldn’t come and then turned up at my door!

Then on my actual birthday my parents came to Leicester to see me, give me presents, and took me and the boyfriend out for dinner. I got some lovely presents this year, the uni house mates bought me a lovely bottle of bubbly (which of course was consumed that night ;)) and some gorgeous LUSH goodies (they know me so well). My parents even surprised me with a scrap book they’d made of my life, as well as some more charms for my Pandora bracelet. Then I left the uni house and moved back home for summer – a whole 5 months off. Crazzyyy. Back home I had another night out with some of my home friends. Overall a great birthday.
Then the best part of my birthday, on the 16th May, the boyfriend and I went to Disneyland Paris! (If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen many many tweets about this…). I’m a massive child at heart, and Disneyland is my absolute favourite place ever, and was actually featured many many times in the scrap book my parents made me, starting to think I have a problem…

Disneyland was absolutely amazing, and I had to stop myself from uploading all the photos (this post could of got really photo heavy!). We were so lucky with the weather, it was so warm and sunny, we had a gorgeous hotel room, and I loved every minute of it. Overall it was the best 21st birthday. Although I’m now having Disneyland withdrawals… looking back over my photos is making me think I need to plan another trip.

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