Travel Annoyances*

It’s been quite a while since my last holiday, and the last time I went on a plane was way over 5 years ago now. But prior to then I was a well seasoned traveler of sorts. Before I went to university and became really poor, I’ve been on some great holidays with my family, including holidays to India, Rome and New York.

Although holidays and travelling is great, I find that there sometimes are things that really bug me about travelling. Recently Cheap Flights shared some of their travel annoyances, and I found them so amusing I thought I’d share a couple of my own.


I absolutely hate packing. I love to put it off, and then suddenly it’s the morning of the day you’re going away, and nothings been packed. Then I find myself running around like some sort of crazy lady, just throwing things into a case, and then there’s always something I’ve found I’ve forgotten once I’ve arrived at my destination. Always.

The fear of not having your passport or tickets

On the rare occasions that I am organised and I’ve packed properly (pretty much never), I then panic that I’ve not packed my tickets or my passport and have to check about 500 times that it has yes, been packed.

Forgetting my sunglasses

I must own so many pairs of sunglasses, but somehow I always forget to bring them with me. Recently I bought a new pair of retro glasses from ASOS to take on holiday.  However when it came to going on the holiday I completely forgot them, but refused to buy any more so spent the whole holiday squinting. Brilliant.

Not understanding how to get around

I know London’s tube system really well and if  I’m not sure I check out this website that helps me plan my journey’s around London. But if you put me in a new city where I have to navigate around on trains or buses, and I have no idea where I’m going. How does everyone else make this look so easy?!

Having to change plans

I’m that annoying person who plans a holiday in such fine detail, that I know when and where we’re meant to be every day. And if I suddenly have to change plans due to unforeseen circumstances, it can be pretty annoying.

Being ill

There is nothing worse than being ill when you’re far from home. Once on a family holiday in India I was so ill that my family had to go off the day out we had planned without me, on Christmas Day. That was a great holiday…

What are your biggest travel annoyances?

*Collaborative Post

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