Update – Mission Healthy Eating/Loose Weight

About three weeks ago I posted Mission Healthy Eating/Loose Weight  So I thought I’d give you all a little update.
So for three weeks now I’ve been on this project. I’ve been hitting the gym quite often, although I could probably do more. But I do feel like my fitness has improved. When I first started I found the cardio stuff a little challenging, but now I can do 15 minutes on the bike or cross trainer without struggling. I’ve also been finding that I’ve been going up on the weights I can lift. I also started talking up Zumba lessons with my mum. She’s also trying to loose a bit of weight so its nice to have someone to spur me on. I’ve found Zumba a bit of a challenge as its very fast and upbeat, but its also great fun! So hopefully I can keep this up! I haven’t found that getting into exercise has been a struggle, in fact I’ve rather enjoyed it. I’ve found that the days I don’t go the gym, I miss it.
Also I’ve been trying to change my eating habits. I’ve found this a bit more challenging, and I’ve had a couple of slip ups. I’ve been drinking more water instead of fizzy drinks, and I’ve found great results from this; I feel more awake, and generally better for it. I’ve also cut sugar out of my tea. Most of the time I’m doing okay with food, I don’t snack anymore so I stick to my three meals a day. The main problem is my weakness for junk food. I find when meeting up with friends in town, they all want to go for junk and I join in, or on a ‘down day’, I find myself falling back into bad habits. I know things can’t change overnight, and I still need to work more on my eating habits.
Despite not changing my eating habits completely, I’ve found that I’ve lost 4 pounds so far! I’m pretty impressed with this, and its spurring me on to loose more!
I think that I’m starting to make a good progress here, so hopefully this will continue!
I’ll update you again soon!

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