The End Of No Spend September

This month I’ve been taking part in No Spend September in an attempt for me to stop spending so much money, and trying to save up some up pennies. As it’s now the last day of September it means my spending ban is now over! So how have I been getting on?

I decided to make my spending ban only a month long as I probably had more hope in completing it! Earlier in the year I did a 100 day spending ban challenge and I really struggled to stick to it, although I did save some money.

 With this spending ban I did manage to save some money, although not loads as it was only a month long. But I did make it through a month without buying any beauty products or items I didn’t need, which I think is a big accomplishment for me! I’ve learnt that I don’t always need to buy new things the minute I’ve got paid, and that it’s a good idea to put some money aside for a rainy day.

Although there’s not much to report back on No Spend September, I’m glad I took part in this, and maybe I’ll start being sensible with my money!

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