Home Sweet Home

It’s been nearly two months now since we finally completed on our flat. The whole process took around 5 months, which I know might seem quite quick, but we were told it would only be 8 weeks, so it felt pretty long for us! The past two months have been spent packing, unpacking, painting, buying IKEA furniture, and trying to put it together. But now at long last, it’s finally starting to feel a bit more like a home. 

After buying pretty much the whole of IKEA, we finally have all the furniture we need, minus a dining room table. We’re planning on getting one soon, but at the moment there’s still a pile of boxes in the space we want it in that we haven’t got around to unpacking. Oops. I’m pretty excited as we’re now finally at the more decorating stage of the moving process, meaning I can finally buy pretty cushions and things to stick up on the walls, as there all looking a bit plain at the moment! I want to try and do some home crafty things, like knit some cushions or something. I also need to work out some more storagey things, as we don’t have much space in our little flat. 

The whole moving out thing feels a little weird, and I still haven’t got my head around the fact this is ours, still doesn’t quite feel real. Although the sadness of having to pay our own mortgage and bills and has helped. It’s nice to finally have our own place though, and somewhere we can now call home. 

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