Summer Ready Feet With Scholl

Technically as it’s the end of August, it’s not really summer anymore. I say technically because I’ve still got a wardrobe of summer clothes I haven’t touched this year, and I’m pretty sure there’s only been about 4 days where it’s been hot. Regardless of it not being that warm, I’ve still been wearing a lot of sandals this ‘summer’, and to do so I like to make sure my feet are ‘summer ready’. 

My feet are probably my most hated part of my body. Being flat footed, and being cursed with my father’s feet, I often get a lot of dry skin on my feet, especially round the heels. It doesn’t particularly look nice when you’re wearing a pretty pair of sandals, and makes me feel a bit self conscious, so I’ve got a few products that keep my feet looking a bit nicer during the summer months.   

One of my favourite products ever is the Scholl express pedi which is amazing for getting rid of dry skin. The micro roller gentle exfoliates the dry patches on my feet, without being too harsh, leaving my feet feeling silky smooth. I like to soak my feet for a little bit in the bath, use this, and then put some Scholl dry skin recovery cream on my feet overnight with a pair of socks. Come the morning my feet are silky smooth and my dry skin is no where to be seen. Of course to make my feet like extra pretty and summer ready I need a nice nail polish. My favourite shade this time of year is Barry M’s passion fruit, it’s such a nice bright colour to make your toes stand out in your flip flops. 

And voila I have much prettier looking feet! Hopefully September stays warm so I can wear my sandals a bit longer. 
Do you have any tips for keeping your feet summer ready?

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