The Body Shop Vanilla Eau De Toilette

Perfume is always something that interests me, but I’ve never had the chance to use many of. I normally ask for a Marc Jacobs one for Christmas (last year it was Daisy), which will last me all year and then I get a new one for Christmas. However this year my Marc Jacob’s ran out around August and I’ve been perfumeless since. I wasn’t particularly on the lookout for a new fragrance, but on a recent trip to The Body Shop I came across their Vanilla Eau De Toilette.

I’m not entirely sure what took me about this fragrance, especially as Vanilla isn’t usually a scent I go for. But I tried a sample of this and I was just hooked. I’m no expert at describing scents, but The Body Shop describe it as a “warm and seductive scent that’s light and wearable”, and I would agree. It smells exactly like how Vanilla should smell, and actually reminds me of baking cakes. I’ve been wearing this everyday as my usual ‘day time scent’ and find that it does seem to last all day, and considering it cost £8.50 I’d say that’s pretty good. I’m so in love with this Body Shop perfume that I’m starting to look into a few of their other scents…

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