Lush Rudolph Face Mask

Face masks have become a permanent part of my skin care routine lately, especially now the weathers got a lot colder, my skin needs that extra TLC. Having already sensitive skin, the winter months really take a toll on my skin and I have a more intensive skin care routine to ensure my skin gets enough moisture to stop it feeling so dry. Lush face masks are already a favourite of mine, and I was really happy to hear that they were bringing out a limited edition face mask as part of the Christmas range.

Rudolph is made from fresh cucumber, oatmeal and tofu and scented with lavender oil which is combined to create a calming face mask. When I applied it the first thing I could smell was the lavender oil, which I found to be really relaxing and calming. I first used this mask after I’d been outside in the cold all day and my skin felt a bit more sensitive than usual. After applying my skin instantly felt more hydrated and less sensitive, and it reminds me of how Oatifix feels after applying. I think this face mask is brilliant for the winter months and it’s going to become a staple item in my skin care routine this winter. Although I found it to help hydrate my skin and reduce the sensitive feeling, I didn’t find it did anything in terms of improving my skin, so I’m only using this when my skin feels sensitive rather than to help with other skincare problems.

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